Camp is Open

Charlevoix Family Camp is open from Mid June until Labor Day for camping.

We have lots, cabins, and dorm rooms available.

The campgrounds are reserved for the Church of God Camp meeting for the following dates:

2018 Camp meetings

 Camp #1  :  June 23 – June 29

Evangelist: Rev. Dave Perry,  Edgewood  Church of God

Sermon Topic: “Hopeful Living in Strange Times”    Conference Topic: “Thriving in Exile”

Song Leader & Saturday Evening Concert: Arlyn Willett

Youth Leader: Stephen Roy, Fraser Road Church of God

Children’s Leader: Desiree Willett

Program Director: Greg Capsel

Camp #2  :  July 14 – July 20

Evangelist: Rev.Herb Shaffer , Pennsylvania

Song Leader: Jeff Eckman

Saturday Evening Concert: Mikki Wenglikowski

Youth Leader: Josh Webb

Children’s Leader: Mark & Diana Thompson

Program Director: Greg Capsel

For information please call Robbie at 989-763-1277

Sorry we do NOT accept Credit or Debit cards

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