01. Campers MUST register before setting up unit.

02. Camping will be permitted only in areas designated.

03. Not more than one single family unit or not more than 4 unrelated persons per campsite. $1 extra per person per night will be charged.

04. Adult must be in same sleeping area with minors.

05. Only one car per site with trailer or RV unit. Other vehicles must be parked across the road where instructed.

06. Motorcycles and ATV vehicles are permitted to and from campsite only—no riding on grounds.

07. Campfires are allowed in approved areas only: see Caretaker/Manager.

08. All garbage and refuse must be placed in plastic bag and put in DUMPSTER, not in restroom trash containers. DO NOT send small children; they cannot reach the top of the dumpster.

09. Trenching on campsite is not permitted.

10. NO cooking in dorm rooms.

11. Smoking in any camp building, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, promiscuous sex or profanity is strictly forbidden.

12. “Quiet Time” must be observed after 11pm. Parents/guardians are responsible for minors.

13. Clotheslines may NOT be hung between trees or any camp buildings.

14. In case of any emergency, call 911 and send someone to the entrance to direct the responder.

15. No bike riding, skate boarding or roller blading on sidewalks.

16. Speed limit on the grounds is a SLOW – 5 MPH.

17. The manager has the right to request the removal of anyone from the camp for violations of camp policies or code of conduct on the grounds or to other guests, or for behavior not fitting to Christian camping.

18. RV state law requires that no waste water be emptied directly on the ground. Please use a closed container for your drain.

19. All fireworks that go bang or fly through the air are prohibited on camp grounds. Sparklers and etc. are to be used in open areas. You are to cleanup afterwards and are responsible for all damage.

20. Picnic tables are available; ask the caretaker for one.

21. Campers may stay up to 14 consecutive days within a 21 day period. Campers may not stay on the campgrounds in excess of 30 days total in a calendar year.


Due to the increasing number of pets and also the potential for problems created by them, the following are rules you
are expected to abide by:
1. Never leave your pet unattended.
2. Always keep your pet on a leash not more than 6′.
3. Clean up after your pet – old railroad area at west end of camp is the designated dog-walk area.
4. NO barking dogs.
5. NO pets in any camp buildings.
THANK YOU for your cooperation